About Us

The Molidae Story  


In 2015, on a dive trip to Fiji, I couldn’t help but notice the contrast between the vibrant colors of the corals and fish and the mundaneness of our dive gear. Everyone was dressed in blacks and grey (maybe an occasional navy blue) even
though we were in warm, tropical waters. Underwater, we became even more monochrome, which could make it difficult to spot your dive buddy with a quick glance. Surely there had to be other options out there? 

There weren’t. Sure, I could find a few patterns here and there, but on the rare occasion that I did find a cute, colorful rashguard, it may only be available in limited sizes that often ran very small. They simply did not fit me. I wanted size inclusive waterwear that showcased some of my favorite marine creatures!

After years of these same frustrations, I decided to found Molidae Design with a very clear vision in mind. We are committed to creating colorful scuba, snorkel, and beach activewear that celebrates the diversity and beauty of life in our oceans. Every pattern is custom designed for Molidae, so you will only find our prints and patterns on our website. We also want to ensure that our products are available to all ocean lovers, regardless of size, so all of our rashguards are offered sizes XXS – 5X. 

I hope you enjoy our rashguards, and I can't wait to see you out on the water!